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MP58:Pin Valve for MicrofluidicsMP77: The Effects of Morphology on the Catalytic Activities of Platinum Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Green Chemistry Methods
MP86:Micro-scale immunoblotting for small sample protein analysisMULTI-PARAMETRICAL AND MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MICROELECTRONIC BIOSENSORSMain Page
Making instruments automation friendlyMassively Parallel Inertial Ordering for High-Throughput Sheathless Imaging Flow CytometryMeasurement of separation
Medical Tricorder X-PrizeMerging Laser Beams with an Ultrapure Diamond CrystalMethod Programming
Microdialysis: An introductionMicrofluidic analysis of DNA and RNAMicrofluidic sample transport
Microfluidics I and II short courseMicroplateMicropositioning for Microscopy
Modified Carbon Cloth Electrode with Applications in Neurochemical AnalysisMol filesMolecular library and assay information sites
More on Drugs Discovered Through Ancient TextsMp119:arcand:ATP MAP Kinase MultiplexMp120:Arcand:H3 methylases demethylases acetylases deacetylases
Mp27:karoliny:rapidprototypingELISAMp999hamiltonposternameMultiplex immunoassays of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue lysates
Multiplexed Assay for IL-6 Secretion and Cell Viability Using an Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Cell LineNIH Chemical Genomics Center Assay Guidance Manual Table of ContentsNanomonitors: A Proteomics Platform for early and rapid disease diagnostics
New Species Discovered in 2016Nobel Prize Medals up for Auction
Nobel Prizes 2013Nobel Prizes 2014Nobel Prizes 2015
Nobel Prizes 2016Nobel Prizes 2017Non-Contact Liquid Handling: Basics and Technologies
Numerical Modeling and Analysis of magnetic nanoparticle enhanced mixing, separation and detection in a microfluidic lab-on-a-chip systemsObjective of the ExperimentOn-chip coulometric investigation of interactions between dopamine and nitric oxide
Open Source SoftwareOptimizing a Corning Epic Biochemical Assay An Example with the Lactate Dehydrogenase AOrganizing Laboratory Data
PD1 Inhibitors and the Stock MarketPD1 inhibitorPatch Clamp
Perl RoboticsPhage therapy for antibiotic resistant bacterial infectionsPipette use and ergonomics
Pipetting performances by means of the Andrew robotPlain Text FilePlate Readers
Plate Shaker Mixing EfficiencyPoster: A 3D-Printed Fluidic Device for Concurrent Detection of Secreted Signaling Molecules from Hypoxic Red Blood CellsPoster: A 3D Printed Fluidic Device, Amenable to Automated Instrumentation, for Optimization of Pharmacokinetic Studies
Poster: A Novel Cell-Based Screening Approach for the Identification of FOXA 1 Pathway Inhibitors for the Treatment of Tamoxifen-Resistant Breast CancerPoster: A Novel High Throughput Drug Screening Technique Targeting Human Kynurenine 3-MonooxygenasePoster: A Novel Multifactorial Drug Candidate for Alzheimer's Disease: High-Throughput Screening, Identification and Efficacy Characterization
Poster: Layer-by-Layer Chitosan-Alginate Coating of Polymeric Nanoparticles for Colon Specific Drug DeliveryPoster: Multiple drug design strategies for the discovery of new treatments for human African trypanosomiasisPoster: Ultra-small and Ratiometric Nanosensors for Dynamic Potassium Imaging
Poster: Verification of Liquid Handling ParametersPoster loading pagePresentations on sample management including compound collections and biostorage
Presentations on system acceptance testingPressure-based microvolume dispensing for high-throughput screeningPrinting of microarrays into micro well plates
Programming AutomationProgramming MotionsProject Management
Protein Localisation Using Confocal Laser Scanning MicroscopyQuality programs in lab automationQuantum Dot
Quantum entanglement used for data transfer between Earth and spaceRadio Frequency Identification (RFID)Radiometric Detection Technologies
Relational DatabaseRisk Based Validation of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)Risk management for laboratory automation projects:Part 1
Risk management for laboratory automation projects:Part 2Risk management for laboratory automation projects:Part 3Robotic Sample Transport
Rubidium FluxSLAS New Product Awardees
SLAS Scientific JournalsSLAS Young Scientist Awardees
Sample transport technologyScript EnginesSelecting a Bar Code
Sending and Receiving Serial Data over the InternetSensorsSetting tolerances for pipettes in the laboratory
SiLASmall volume pipetting
Solenoid valvesSonication 101Standards creation in laboratory automation
Starting a laboratory technology businessStructured Text File
Surface Plasmon ResonanceT302:Lampinen:TurbidometricPerformanceMultiskanGOT310posterSBS2011
T313:herber:cellinvasionT316:cannesson:targetedintegrationofgenesforcellbasedassaysT321:jaramillo:Evaluation of Orthogonal Compound Mixture Sets for High Throughput Screening
T322:Jenkins:An Integrated Solution for Automated Nanoliter Hit-PickingT323:Jenkins:Flexible MiniaturisationT324:jezequel:taglite.
T347:Lea: A 1536-well Based Kinetic Assay for Thioredoxin Glutathione Reductase Inhibitor Discovery and Antischistosomal Drug DevelopmentT352:Lounkine:Integration of Compound Structure and Activity with Clinical Adverse Drug ReactionsT357:lyons:TheUseofBacMamTechnologytoProduceAequorinCellLinesforHTS
T381:Golovlev:AntiviralHTSAssayT385:HanhJoyLe:HTSProfilingT386:Lorenz:The Future of Toxicity Testing utilizing Robotics and Integration by Wako Automation
T387:maubon:ParkinsonT388:maubon:TAPautomationT391:Everatt:The Lab2Lab Advantage
T394:xie:EFCforNrf2activatorTamarind Crepes Recipe
Telos ScientificTen Strange Science Stories from 2015
Ten interesting discoveries of 2014The Effect of Cell Culture Method on Long-Term Primary Hepatocyte Cell HealthThe Impact of a 3-Dimensional Human Liver Microtissue Model on Long-term Hepatotoxicity Studies
The Importance of the 240 nm Absorbance MeasurementThe Importance of using the Appropriate Microplate for Absorbance Measurements in the Ultraviolet Region of the SpectrumThe Piezoelectric Effect
The Zymark StoryThe history of automated liquid handlingThe laboratory automation expert
Theodor BoveriTime-Lapse Imaging on the CheapTop Labs Get Lean
Towards Fully Automated PhototransfectionTowards Fully Automated PhototrasnfectionTowards Point-Of-Care Diagnostics: Eliminating Sample Preparation in the Detection of Degradative Enzyme Activity in Whole Blood
Toxin Detection In Tap WaterTrans Endothelial Electronic Resistance Measurements on a Microfluidic DeviceTransmitting Laboratory Data
Two phases of liquid waterTwo thirds of cancers triggered by random DNA mutationsU.S. War on Cancer
UV/VIS Spectroscopy in MicroplatesUltimate Resolution of Optical Microscopes and Video SystemsUltrasonic liquid level sensing
Uninterrupted power suppliesUsing Microfluidic Devices to Investigate Peptide Release from Neuronal Cells with Mass SpectrometryValidation of a Novel Tumoroid-Based Cell Culture Model to Perform 3D in vitro Cell Signaling Analyses
Videos of the monthVirtual Lab AutomationVisual Programming
W512:maubon:CytotoxicityW515:Salado:SecretaseAssayW521:Schenker:The Future Of Compound Management
W523:Schumm:HyPerBluW526:Huwiler:MonitoringPostTranslationalModificationsAndProteinProteinInteractionsUsingTheProximityLigationAssayW529posterSBS2011 Shieh MassSpecAssays
W530posterSBS2011 Shieh AcousticDuetW531posterSBS2011 Shieh HighThroughputDNAShearingW535:Sirenko:iPSCardiomyocyteAnalysis
W543:Stevens:DevelopmentandCharacterizationofHumanHepatocytesDerivedfromInducedPluripotentStemCells(iPSC):ANovelInVitroModelSystemforDrugDiscoveryandDevelopmentW545:Strelow:TheApplicationOfMechanismOfActionStudiesForEnzymeInEarlyDrugDiscoveryW545:Strelow:The Application Of Mechanism Of Action Studies For Enzyme In Early Drug Discovery
W550:Bowen:A Mix and Read Cell-Based Assay for Antibody Screening Against Epidermal Growth Factor ReceptorW553:Upton:AggregationOnEpicW555:Valentin:New Tools for Drug Discovery: Monitoring Intracellular Ca2+ Fluxes in Primary Cell Types with High-Throughput Formats
W557:Vandenburgh:HighContentDrugScreeningWithEngineeredMusculoskeletalTissuesW560:Ward:Improved Dose-Response Analyses Using Direct Titration with Picoliter DispenseW563:Wen:EvaluationofATimeResolvedFluorescentLabelPairforProteaseAssay
W577:Phong:DropArray TechnologyW584:Schroeder:AdherentNucleofectionW585:Rahhal:SumoylationofSp3isRequiredforToothDevelopment
W587:Kim:A high-throughput colony formation assay for profiling novel compounds and RNAi reagents using the Acumen eX3W588:Wylie:High-throughput imaging of cellular models using an Acumen eX3W589:Sitaram:Integration of an automated combination screening approach with a complex angiogenesis model for discovery of novel drug combinations.
WP510:Rouleau:H3K4 methyltransferases H3K9 methyltransferases acetylransferasesWP512:Rouleau:AlphaLISA DNMT assaysWalk or run to stay dryer in the rain
XML for the Laboratory Short Course:Resource PageZ-Stacking of Single Plane Digital Widefield Images Incorporation of the Cytation™ 3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader and CombineZP Software to Create Deconvoluted, Stacked Images of 3D in vitro Cell ModelsZika Virus