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001:LA2011 Poster002:LA2011 Poster
010:LA2011 Poster011:LA2011 Poster022:LA2011 Poster
122:LA2011 Poster3D Gold Interdigitated Electrodes Array (IDEA) biosensorAIDA: Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment study
ALA Laboratory Automation Survey 2008:Section 1ALA Laboratory Automation Survey 2008:Section 2ALA Laboratory Automation Survey 2008:Section 3
ALA Laboratory Automation Survey 2008:Section 4ALA VIJAY POSTERASIMO Robot
A Homogeneous Assay to Quantify Endogenous AKT Phosphorylation in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial CellsA Metadata-Based Infrastructure for Integrating Analyzing and Visualizing Data in a High Throughput Influenza LaboratoryA Microfluidic Chip with On-Board Computer-Controlled Micropumps for Continuous Sampling and Hydrodynamic Flow Gate Injection
A Simple, Robust Automated Multiplex Assay for Mitochondria Toxicity TestingA look at predictions of the 1964 World's FairA microfluidic dispenser
A step by step guide: creating an AnIML file writer for an instrumentA very basic overview of TCP/IP communications
Absorbance Detection TechnologiesAcoustic Nanoliter Droplet EjectionActuators
AnIMLAn Automated, Cell-based Platform for the Rapid Detection of Novel Androgen Receptor ModulatorsAn Introduction to Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Technology and its Application in Bioscience
Analysis of Nuclear Stained Cells - Using the Cytation™3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with DAPI-Stained Cells
Applied IT For The Laboratory Short Course:Resource PageApril 25 is DNA DayArtur Fischer
Asian CarpAssay Optimization: A Statistical Design of Experiments ApproachAutoanalyzer
Automated Cell Dispensing and Image-Based Spheroid Formation TrackingAutomated Magnetic Bead Washing of Metabolic Hormone AssaysAutomated Powder Dispensing Technology
Automated Scanning Probe Lithography with n-alkanethiol Self Assembled Monolayers on Au(111)Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)Automated Tissue Culture Cell Fixation and Staining in Microplates
Automated WorkcellAutomated WorkstationAutomated analysis of proteins using a microfluidics system
Automated liquid handling workstationAutomated systems and regulated environmentsAutomatic Programming
Automatic identification and data captureAutomating LUO's: Strategy and scaleAutomation of HTRF elF4E Kinase Assay Using a 3D Tumoroid- Based Cell Model
Bar Code LabelsBar Code Printing
Bar Code ScanningBar Code SymbologiesBar Codes
Barbaric Medical TreatmentsBasic BatteriesBasic Electronics
Basic MechanicsBasic MotorsBasic liquid handling concepts - Visualized
Basics of CentrifugationBig science news stories of 2017Biobank information sites
BiodesyAlphaSyn M143PosterSBS2011Biohybrid robotsBiological Assay Detection Technologies
Biosensors For Glucose DetectonButterflies remember their Caterpillar daysCRISPR Cas9
CRISPR DNA EditingCalibration frequency for pipettesCan technology make you a superhero?
Capacitive Liquid Level SensingCarryover testing using an ultrasonic wash stationCassini to Crash on Saturn
Cell-Based Agonist and Antagonist Screens of the Endogenously Expressed B2AR in A431 CellsCell-Based Assay Preparation in 1536-well Microplates using BioTeks EL406 Microplate Washer DispenserCell passage process in a microchip
CentrifugingCeria Monitors: Ultrasensitive oxygen sensor towards energy sustainabilityCharacteristics of Corning Plasticware
Chemical Compatibility of Corning® PlasticwareChurski:MP15:AutomatedMicrofluidicDeviceforHigh-ThroughputScreenswithMinuteSamplesConsumption.Collection of nanoliter microdiaysate fractions in droplets for off-line in vivo chemical monitoring with up to 2 s temporal resolution
Combating MRSA with 1,000-year-old Anglo-Saxon ‘eye salve’Command LanguagesCommon equipment in HTS labs
Concepts for Dynamic Scheduling in the LaboratoryConsiderations When Implementing Automated Methods into GxP LaboratoriesContact Angle and Its Importance for Microarrays
Corning Epic System MAP KinaseCreative Combustion: A History of the Association for Laboratory AutomationDARPA 2015 Robotics Challenge
DOE Master Guide: other issuesData ManagementData Storage Technologies
Defining accuracy and precisionDevelopment of an Epic Assay for an Endogenous Purinergic P2Y Receptor in CHO and PC12 CellsDigital imaging
Digital imaging/ApplicationsDigital imaging/Image analysisDigital imaging/Image capture
Digital imaging/Image filesDispensing Nanoliter Liquid Volumes with a Real-time Flow SensorDrones
Dry dispensing small volumes with a fixed cannula arrayDry dispensing small volumes with disposable tipsELECTRICAL AND FLUIDIC CHARACTERIZATION OF A NOVEL INTEGRATED SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC PATCH-CLAMP ON CULTURED NEURAL NETWORKS
ESA Rosetta MissionEWOD Digital Microfluidic Device for Single Cells Sample Preparation and Gene Expression Analysis - Arnaud RIVALEarly microplate automation
Electronic Laboratory NotebookElectronic interfacesElectronic interfaces/Controller Area Network (CAN)
Electronic interfaces/IEEE-1284Electronic interfaces/IEEE-1394Electronic interfaces/IEEE-488
Electronic interfaces/Network interfacesElectronic interfaces/RS-232Electronic interfaces/Universal Serial Bus (USB)
ElectrospinningEmerald Ash BorerEndogenous Human GPR55 Functional Cellular Assay
Endogenous Human TLR3 Functional Cellular AssayEndoscope Localization SystemEndoscope Location System
Endotoxin Detection Using Electrochemical Method and the Effect of Nanoscale ConfinementError handlingError handling/Procedure evaluation and modificaton examples
Evaluation of bottlenecks and process flowExoskeletonsExperimental Strategy: Designs for Kinetic Studies
Experimental Strategy: Designs for complex experimental spacesExperimental Strategy: Formulation DesignsExperimental Strategy: Pre-Experiment Planning
Experimental Strategy: Pre-Experimental PlanningFactorsFactors for Cell Based Assay Development
Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)/GE Healthcare FATFactory Acceptance Testing (FAT)/Technology user 1
Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)/Vendor commentary 1Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)/Vendor commentary 2File
File AttributesFile SystemsFluorescence Detection Technologies
Folk Remedies and the Science behind themFormulation DesignsFour New Elements Added to Periodic Table
Fragmentation of Polymers Using QCID FTMSFruit-Stuffed Crepes with Dulce de Leche Recipe
Fully Automated Fluidic System to Sort, Dose, Microinject, and Collect CellsGeneral Guide for Cryogenically Storing Animal Cell CulturesGetting Started With Excel and VBA in the Laboratory:Resource Page
Going with the glowGravitational WavesGravitropism
Guidelines for the Provision of Assay Buffer Residual Volumes in Microplate Wash AssaysHelpful Hints to Manage Edge Effect of Cultured Cells for High Throughput ScreeningHiggs Boson
High Throughput Laboratory NetworkHoles in Swiss CheeseHow Piezoelectric Motors Work
How many data pointsHow to Deal With High Assay Variability
IEEE 829 Standard for Software Test Documentation
Imaging of BacMam Transfected U-2 OS CellsImpact of medium properties on droplet release in a highly parallel nanoliter dispenserImpact of pipetting technique
Importance of Integrating a Volume Verification Method for Liquid HandlersImproving your lab with simulationInVivoBiosensorForNeurotransmitterReleaseAndInSituReceptorActivity
Incorporation of a Novel 3D Cell Culture System to Perform in vitro Cytotoxicity Analyses using Human Primary HepatocytesInduction and Inhibition Studies of Hypoxia and Oxidative Stress in Immortalized KeratinocytesInnovation AveNEW 2017
Instrument Support:How Do I Support Thee, Let Me Count The WaysIntegrated Microbioreactor for Culture and Analysis of Bacteria, Algae and YeastIntegrated system
Interfacing RS232 instruments to a TCP/IP networkIntermediate Excel and VBA in the Laboratory:Resource PageIntroduction to Laboratory Automation Short Course:Resource Page
Inventors who were killed by their own inventionsInvestigation of Cell Migration using a High Density Cell Exclusion Assay and Automated Microplate ImagerIssues in Contamination and Temperature Variation in the Cryopreservation of Animal Cells and Tissues
JBSJustifying laboratory automationKilogram
Lab-Grown Skin TissueLabel-Free 7,000 Fragment ScreeningLaboratory Data Types
Laboratory Informatics Supports Decision MakingLaboratory Purchasing Trends 2013Laboratory Unit Operation (LUO) concept
Laboratory data management applicationsLean Sigma in the labLife Science Employment Report 2012
Life Science Employment Report Q1 2013Life Science Trends 2013Life Science Trends 2014
Liquid Handling:Theory and practiceLiquid handling automated performance monitoringList of Laboratory automation terminology
List of Professional associationsList of PublicationsList of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) terms
List of Tutorial SitesList of bar coding termsList of books
List of digital imaging termsList of government agencies & organizationsList of information sites
List of laboratory automation related standardsList of programming and computer science termsList of robotic terms
List of sensor termsList of standards organizationsList of university programs
Live Cell Imaging of GPCR Dependent Second-Messenger SystemsLive Cell Imaging of RNA ExpressionLow Volume Nucleic Acid Quantification using a Multi-Volume Spectrophotometer System
Luminescence Detection TechnologiesLuminiscent Plants for Mood LightingM001:Micro-scale immunoblotting for small sample protein Analysis
M105:Blood-Brain Barrier and Brain Vessel Formation Using a Microfluidic PlatformM127posterSBS2011
M131:Stallaert:xCELLM134:Automated Cell MigrationM137:Wartchow:FragmentScreeningwithProtein-ProteinInteractionTargetsandBiosensor-basedMethods
M139:Chen:IDEM139PosterSBS2011M145:DeLaura:Human-based Systems for in vitro Modeling: The Development and Characterization of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC)-derived Neurons for Preclinical Use
M149:Comess:ComessJnk1P38SBS2011M154:Cromwell:StemCellAssaysM158:Degorce:HTRF cellular kinases assays
M15:AutomatedMicrofluidicDeviceforHigh-ThroughputScreenswithMinuteSamplesConsumption.M161 Thomas Dexheimer:Small molecule inhibitors of Bloom helicase identified by a high throughput assayM164dorjsuren:FEN1
M165:Duhr:MolecularInteractionStudiesinComplexBioliquidsusingMicroscaleThermophoresisM170:Federici:High-Throughput LanthaScreen® Cellular Assays for Interrogating Post-Translational Modifications of p53 and Histone H3M179:Gillispie/TheTimeHasComeforFluorescenceLifetimeinHTS
M180:Ansell:TargetingPfCDPK1M182:Caracino:Neutrophil Adhesion: A HCS Compatible Assay Using the Acumen eX3M189:MRothenberg:BacMamHYPERFlask
MANIPULATION OF FUNCTIONALISED MAGNETIC BEADS VIA DOMAIN WALLS CONDUITSMP0029:Vattipalli:Monitoring CSF Levels of oligomeric alpha-synuclein and beta-amyloid as Biomarkers for neurodegenerative disease
MP01:‘G Protein-Coupled Receptor Heteromer Identification Technology’ (‘GPCR-HIT’):Identification and profiling of novel GPCR heteromers and their ligands.MP02:Fluorescence and bioluminescence genetically encoded probes for imaging protein conformations and interactions in living cells and animalsMP02:Hasson:parkinsons mitoqc
MP03:microfluidic fraction collectionMP046:Liu:An in vitro High Sensitive FRET-based High-throughput Screening Assay for SENP Inhibitors in SUMOylation PathwayMP04:Falk:AcetyltransferaseAssay
MP04: A droplet microfluidic device for high-throughput screening of reaction conditionsMP05:PressureDrivenPaperChromatographyMP06:Partial Least Squares (PLS1) Algorithm for Obtaining Meaningful Concentrations of Cholesterol and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Human Serum
MP07:Tsiper:Multi-parametric Data Reduction of Phenotypic Screening for Quantitative Systems PharmacologyMP08:Kaminski:Automated microfluidic system for rapid generation of subnanoliter droplets with predefined compositionMP08: Dielectric sheath flows in microfluidic impedance cytometers
MP09:NanoporousAluminaMembranesMP10:Markwalter:Process Improvement of Biocatalytic Reaction Screening through Automation and Parallel ExperimentationMP10: Signal Enhancement and Improved Temporal Resolution in Microchip Electrophoresis and Electrochemical Detection
MP11:Magnetic HydrogelMP11:Zukowski:AutomatedMicrosystemForNon-enzymaticDeterminationOfCarbohydratesConcentrationInAqueousSolutionsMP12:Annam:Nanotechnology
MP12: Image-based fluidic sorting system for large biological entities demonstrated for Zebrafish larvae sorting into 96-well plates and automated microinjection of Xenopus oocytesMP134:Burroughs:Cell Migration Assay AutomationMP13:Brett:Saccharomyces cerevisiae Response to a Rapidly Rotating Pheromone Gradient in a Microfluidic Device
MP13: An Acoustic Trapping System for Monitoring Kinases in Small Cell PopulationsMP146:Cloutier:Epic Label-free EnSpire ReaderMP14:Chennapragada:Nanochannel Immunoassay Sensor for Cardiac protein biomarker Detection
MP14:Chennapragada:Nanochannel Immunoassay sensor for Cardiac protein biomarker detectionMP14:Chennapragada:Nanochannel Immunoassay sensor for cardiac protein biomarker detectionMP14: High-throughput 3D Spheroid Culture and Drug Testing Using a 384 Hanging Drop Array
MP151:Cosentino:AlphaLISA Biological MatricesMP152:Cosentino:AlphaLISA StrepTactin Protein-Protein InteractionsMP15:Churski:AutomatedMicrofluidicDeviceforHigh-ThroughputScreenswithMinuteSamplesConsumption.
MP15: Automated Transportation of Single Cells Using Robot-Tweezer Manipulation SystemMP16:Evaluation of cytostatic effect on the normal and cancer cells in the microfluidic systemMP17:Kunduru:AnIntegratedMicrofluidicDeviceForDNAMeltingCurveAnalysis
MP17:Natural Product IsolationMP18:Human Tear Fluid-Based Point-of-Care Diagnostics Enabled By Integrated Microfluidic SystemsMP18:McPherson:MicrofluidicChipForSubVisibleParticleIdentificationUsingRamanSpectroscopy
MP19:Instrument-free and High-throughput Screening of Mutagenic/Carcinogenic DNA Sensitizing Drugs using Gold Nanoparticles and Functional DNAsMP19:Petropoulos:MicofluidicFlowSensorMP20:Improving the Versatility of Microchip-Based Electrochemical Detection: Use of Compact Discs for Electrode Fabrication and Integration of Segmented Flow
MP20:Price:Robots:Rapid On-Bead Oligomer-Target ScreeningMP21:Sinkala:ElectrodeCalibrationwithaMicrofluidicFlowCellforFastScanCyclicVoltammetry
MP21:Sinkala:Electrode Calibration with a Microfluidic Flow Cell for Fast Scan Cyclic VoltammetryMP21: A microfluidic system for studying cellular markers of metabolic diseasesMP22:Smith:ModulatingThrombogenicityThroughNanoscaleSurfaceTopography
MP22: Biomimetic System for Circulating Tumor Cell IsolationMP23:Development of a Microfluidic-Based Screening Device for the Detection of Methylarginines in PlasmaMP24:Ziolkowska:MicrofluidicSystemforLong-termSpheroidCultureandAnticancerDrugActivityEvaluation
MP24: Conjugated Nanoparticles based Enhancement for High-throughput Protein Detection via Surface Plasmon Resonance ImagingMP25:Dumancas:ChemometricsMP25: High Throughput Hypoxic Modulation of Islet Calcium Response and Preconditioning
MP26:Nanocrystal Clusters for Highly Efficient BioseparationMP27:Integrated Molecular Diagnostic Systems (iMDs) : A Breast Cancer Theranostic PlatformMP28:Magnetic Microfluidics
MP29: Electrophysiological Sorting of Pluripotent Stem Cell-DerivedCardiomyocytes in a Microfluidic PlatformMP30:Kwapiszewski:A point-of-care system for laboratory diagnostics of lysosomal storage disordersMP30:Miniature Electronic Biosensor for the Detection of Glycan Biomarkers
MP32:Drowley:DevelopmentofaHighContentImagingAssaytoAssessaRegenerativeMedicineApproachforDiabetesandObesityMP32:micro&nano-technologiesMP33:Liquid Electrodes for Contactless Conductivity Detection in Microchip
MP34:Kuhn:LabelFreeCytotoxicityScreeningByDHMMP34:Use of Epoxy-Embedded, High-Aspect Ratio Pillar Electrodes for Microchip-Based SystemsMP35: Hemocompatibility of Titania Nanotube Arrays
MP36:Immune Biosensor based on the Oxide Cerium ISFETs for the Determination of Mycotoxin Level in Environmental ObjectsMP37:Gezgin:Food Nanotechnology on the Shelf: Fabricating Nano-thin Ice Nucleating Layers on Polyethylene FilmsMP38:Li:N1FragmentGrowing
MP38:Nanoporous BiosensorsMP39:Quantitation and Spatial Control of Peptide ReleaseMP40: A microfluidic chip for Multicellular Tumor Spheroid formation and analysis: a prospective system for anticancer drug screening
MP42:Kement:Chemical Biology Strategy Reveals Pathway-Selective Regulators of Histone 3 K27 Tri-MethylationMP44: Import SystemMP45:Hutz:TheMultidimensionalPerturbationValue-ASingleMetricToMeasureSimilarityAndActivityOfTreatmentsInHigh-throughputMultidimensionalScreens
MP45: A Powerful New High-Throughput Tool for Measuring the Deformability of Single CellsMP46: Centrifuge-on-a-Chip: Rapid and Automated Sample Preparation for Cell SuspensionsMP48:Novel assay and system for rapid diagnostics of urinary tract infections using on-chip isotachophoresis and molecular beacons
MP51: High Throughput Hypoxic Modulation of Islet Calcium Response and PreconditioningMP54:Leung:ProgrammableDropletBasedMicrofluidicReactionArrayAppliedToMultiparameterSingleCellAnalysisMP55:ANALYZING METHYLATED ARGININES USING CAPILLARY ELECTROPHORESIS AND LASER INDUCED FLUORESCENCE DETECTION
MP56:Nguyen:MicrofluidicDigitalLogicMP56: High throughput Drop-to-drop liquid-liquid microextraction method coupled with real time concentration monitoringMP58:Latt:Phylogenetic relationship