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Paul Wylie, David Onley

Microscope-based, high-content instruments are used for many cell based assays. However, these instruments require a trade-off to be made between using high optical resolution over a small area, and the robust data sets gained from viewing larger areas of the well but at the price of using low power objectives. Most assays require the use of higher resolutions which entail lengthy read times, even without using multiple colours. Wherever possible, users are constrained to analyse only a small percentage of the total number of cells in a well to keep plate read times at a minimum.
The Acumen eX3 is the fastest imaging system available, collecting and simultaneously analysing over 40 images/second, covering the entire well, without the trade off of having to use lower resolution. Acumen is well established for cell-based high-content screening, but researchers have recently applied its large field of view to rapidly analyse complex cellular or animal models, such as angiogenic tube formation, C. elegans or drosophila larvae.
In addition to Acumen’s built in software, it offers the flexibility of exporting whole well open source TIFF images for batch processing by third party image analysis software packages. This new screening paradigm represents a major breakthrough in how microplate cytometers can be applied to complex cellular models since rapid cytometric analysis can now be combined with image-processing methodology.

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