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Easy and Effective automation of miniaturized Cell-Based & Elisa assays by DropArrayTM technology for high-throughput screening

Mark Phong, Li Li, Kong Leong Cheng, Wan Yee Leong, Liyana Nor, Eric Seah, Jason Tan, Namyong Kim*

Curiox Biosystems Pte Ltd, Singapore

We present the integration of “wall-less” DropArray™ technology into conventional screening systems at major pharmaceutical companies and research centers. The use of DropArray™ technology enables easy and simple automation and miniaturization of high-throughput cell-based assay screens involving difficult to handle cell types including loosely adherent (e.g. HEK-293T) and suspension cells in conventional immuno-fluorescent wash-based assays. The DropArrayTM platform also provides the additional benefits of low sample volume leading to significant cost savings, and significantly reduced overall assay time, while maintaining high data quality.

In addition to cell-based assay applications, we also show that the DropArrayTM platform is designed to effectively handle Elisa based applications with improved sensitivity, speed and cost savings over conventional micro-titer plate based elisa platforms.

The DropArray™ 384-well and 1536-well plates employ a “wall-less” planar slide, where an array of hydrophilic wells functions in an exactly same manner as wells of a typical microtiter plate. DropArray™ plates are compatible with any type of existing liquid handling instruments and imagers as proven by major companies and research centers.

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