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David H. Randle, Kathleen Krebs, Hannah J. Gitschier and Todd Upton, Corning Incorporated, Life Sciences 2 Alfred Road, Kennebunk, ME

Aggregation of molecular species has a substantial impact in drug discovery and the healthcare field. Whether it is small molecule aggregation causing false hits in screening campaigns or protein aggregation causing health problems, the detection of such a phenomenon is an important methodology. Current techniques to detect aggregation are costly, time consuming, and generally low throughput. This presentation describes the development of a novel label-free assay type, the ‘suspension’ label-free assay. It is a novel, high throughput and sensitive technique to detect aggregation. This innovation in the use of label-free technology to detect aggregation increases the level of sensitivity to nearly one log lower than that detectable with current technologies. Furthermore, the procedure developed is simple and rapid and requires no special handling.
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