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Using Bulk Lateral Ultrasonic Technology for High-Throughput DNA Shearing

Bruce Jamieson, Kapil Dev, Smriti Sharma, Jean Shieh and Vibhu Vivek, Microsonic Systems Inc. 


With continuing advances in Next Generation Sequencing technologies, sequencing throughput is increasing dramatically, shifting the sample processing bottleneck upstream to sample preparation. Genomic center directors frequently voice concerns over both the quality and quantity of sheared DNA produced by current techniques. Improvements in the size distribution of sheared lengths of DNA and in the processing time required by current shearing devices would have great value, and potentially lead to rapid adoption. Ultrasonic energy is the current preferred method of DNA shearing due to the large dynamic range of the technique and the tight fragment distribution. However, existing ultrasonic shearing technologies have limited throughput capabilities and are unable to shear in both short and long fragment sizes. To address these shortcomings while maintaining the flexibility and power of ultrasonic techniques, Microsonic Systems Inc. has developed a new form of ultrasonic energy using its Microprocessor for Life Sciences, powered by patented bulk lateral ultrasonic technology, for rapid and effective DNA shearing. In this poster, we present the gel electrophoresis results of sheared Lambda DNA samples with target length ranges from 300 to 1,500 base pairs as well as the related Agilent Bioanalyzer data.

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