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Acoustic Instruments Duet for High-Quality, High-Throughput Compound Screening

Jean Shieh1, Dalin Nie2 and Bruce Jamieson1. 1Microsonic Systems, San Jose, CA; 2AstraZeneca, Wilmington, DE. 


In drug discovery research, both the quantity and the quality of compound screening results are important aspects to researchers. Advances in laboratory automation has enabled high-throughput screening (HTS) and ultra high-throughput screening (uHTS), but issues such as compound precipitation, liquid transfer errors or insufficient assay mixing are still common barriers preventing scientists from reaching precise and accurate screening results. In addition, higher density microplates with ever smaller sample volumes compound these challenges. In this poster, we present a screening roadmap that uses two novel acoustic instruments to improve the drug screening quality from multiple angles. Acoustic dispensing technology and Microsonics bulk lateral ultrasonic technology provide many advantages to high-throughput compound screening comparing to conventional screening methods; the HENDRIX SM100 ultrasonic fluid processor recovers precipitated compounds in storage plates and homogenizes assay plates, and together with the unmatched liquid transfer precision and accuracy of an acoustic dispenser, the two devices deliver unmatched high-quality compound screening data.

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