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  1. 001:LA2011 Poster
  2. 002:LA2011 Poster
  3. 010:LA2011 Poster
  4. 011:LA2011 Poster
  5. 022:LA2011 Poster
  6. 122:LA2011 Poster
  7. 3D Gold Interdigitated Electrodes Array (IDEA) biosensor
  9. A Homogeneous Assay to Quantify Endogenous AKT Phosphorylation in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells
  10. A Metadata-Based Infrastructure for Integrating Analyzing and Visualizing Data in a High Throughput Influenza Laboratory
  11. A Microfluidic Chip with On-Board Computer-Controlled Micropumps for Continuous Sampling and Hydrodynamic Flow Gate Injection
  12. A Simple, Robust Automated Multiplex Assay for Mitochondria Toxicity Testing
  13. A microfluidic dispenser
  14. An Automated, Cell-based Platform for the Rapid Detection of Novel Androgen Receptor Modulators
  15. Analysis of Nuclear Stained Cells - Using the Cytation™3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with DAPI-Stained Cells
  16. Autoanalyzer
  17. Automated Cell Dispensing and Image-Based Spheroid Formation Tracking
  18. Automated Magnetic Bead Washing of Metabolic Hormone Assays
  19. Automated Powder Dispensing Technology
  20. Automated Scanning Probe Lithography with n-alkanethiol Self Assembled Monolayers on Au(111)
  21. Automated Tissue Culture Cell Fixation and Staining in Microplates
  22. Automated analysis of proteins using a microfluidics system
  23. Automation of HTRF elF4E Kinase Assay Using a 3D Tumoroid- Based Cell Model
  24. Basic Batteries
  25. Basic Electronics
  26. Basic Mechanics
  27. Basic Motors
  28. Basic liquid handling concepts - Visualized
  29. Basics of Centrifugation
  30. BiodesyAlphaSyn M143PosterSBS2011
  31. Biosensors For Glucose Detecton
  32. Carryover testing using an ultrasonic wash station
  33. Cell-Based Agonist and Antagonist Screens of the Endogenously Expressed B2AR in A431 Cells
  34. Cell-Based Assay Preparation in 1536-well Microplates using BioTeks EL406 Microplate Washer Dispenser
  35. Cell passage process in a microchip
  36. Ceria Monitors: Ultrasensitive oxygen sensor towards energy sustainability
  37. Characteristics of Corning Plasticware
  38. Chemical Compatibility of Corning® Plasticware
  39. Churski:MP15:AutomatedMicrofluidicDeviceforHigh-ThroughputScreenswithMinuteSamplesConsumption.
  40. Collection of nanoliter microdiaysate fractions in droplets for off-line in vivo chemical monitoring with up to 2 s temporal resolution
  41. Common equipment in HTS labs
  42. Contact Angle and Its Importance for Microarrays
  43. Corning Epic System MAP Kinase
  44. Creative Combustion: A History of the Association for Laboratory Automation
  45. Development of an Epic Assay for an Endogenous Purinergic P2Y Receptor in CHO and PC12 Cells
  46. Dry dispensing small volumes with a fixed cannula array
  47. Dry dispensing small volumes with disposable tips
  49. Early microplate automation
  50. Endogenous Human GPR55 Functional Cellular Assay

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