Pipetting performances by means of the Andrew robot

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Andrew is a robot that automates the use of commercially available single channel pipettes. The article explains how to measure pipette performance by photometric and gravimetric methods. I was particularly interested in details of why we pre-wet pipette tips and the proper way to do it, which is different from common practice. Andrew won both the New Product Award at SLAS 2013 and the Product Innovation award at MipTec 2013.

Andrew Alliance was founded by Dr. Piero Zucchelli. I first met Piero when he was a staff member at CERN in Geneva and was just starting the company SpinX. He has a Ph.D. in physics and was awarded the prestigious international Tomassoni and Chisesi price for his revolutionary invention of the neutrino beta-beam while working at Stanford University and CERN. He is now focusing his considerable talents on automating pipetting and understanding the parameters of pipette performance.

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