PD1 Inhibitors and the Stock Market

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The below link is to an article giving another example of the tremendous strides being made against cancer. It is a report from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO 2015, Chicago) on a Bristol-Myers Squibb drug being tested against lung cancer. Other companies are developing similar therapies. Words like "milestone" and "paradigm shift" show the promise some people have for this class of drug (PD1 inhibitors). After the results were reported, Bristol-Myers Squibb (ticker symbol BMY, NY stock exchange) stock dropped 6.6% on disappointing trial data. It's both interesting and confusing how such different conclusions can be reached from the same data. One of the comments was that patients expressing low levels of PD-L1 do not respond to a PD-L1 inhibitor. I don't think anyone would be surprised at that. Personally, I'll side with the scientists and doctors and not the stock analysts.