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The late 1960's mark the beginning of a science fiction franchise called Star Trek. It has all sorts of wonderful futurist things: communicators (that looked like todays cell phones), transporters (for sending people from place to place instantly, I'm still waiting for that one), laser weapons (that could be set to stun), and of course, the tricorder. This was a hand held, non-invasive, diagnostic device that could be waived over a life form and record all manner of information.

Some 40 years later someone said, "Why not? That was the birth of the X Prize Foundations project in 2011 to offer a $10 million dollar competition to develop a real life, operational tricorder. From 300 entries, the 2 finalists have recently been selected. The next step is patient testing under the supervision of the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). I am constantly amazed at the ability of people to innovate and ask that simple questions, Why not?

For a background the X Prize Foundation and the Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize, see the following pages:

The following video is an interview with Grant Campany from Qualcomm, the sponsor of the Tricorder X Prize: