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 Author(s) name and affiliation: Vindhya Kunduru, Glenn M Walker

                                              BioMedical Engineering Department, North Carolina State University, North Carolina, USA. 

Poster Abstract: A microfluidic device with integrated heater sensor pairs was fabricated for melting curve analysis (MCA) on DNA. The thin film on-chip heater and sensor elements fabricated as resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) were integrated with 1 μl volume polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) based reaction chamber. The chip was designed to measure thermal heat capacity and temperature measurements from a test DNA sample of a known melting point (Tm). Fluorescence imaging experiments were conducted using double stranded DNA specific dye EvaGreen to validate the experimentally determined melting point of the DNA. This proof-of concept device demonstrates the thermal analysis capabilities of the calorimetric chip without the need for employing traditional optical detection schemes.We report the fabrication and characterization of a cost effective microfluidic calorimeter with a rapid response time and low sample volume consumption. DNA dose response curves were indicative of a close dependency between DNA concentration and RTD sensitivity to detect DNA. The limit of detection reported for the prototype chip calorimeter was measured optically at a concentration of 0.1 μM and the hermal time constant of the device was 5 sec. Preliminary test results obtained from 20-mer Neomycin gene have been presented.

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