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A Multi-Modal Detection Platform For GPCR- & RTK-Mediated Signaling Analysis Incorporating The Label-Free Corning Epic® System & Comparison To Conventional Assay Platforms

Timothy E Cloutier, Janet Park-Bewsher, Paul Butler, Doug Lohse and Ravi Marala

The revolutionary integration of Corning® Epic® Technology and PerkinElmer™s multi-modal detection platform into a single, easy-to-use benchtop instrument offers scientists a unique opportunity to advance their research in ways previously not possible. The combined platform offers the advantages of the label-free detection (i.e., non-invasive, integrated and pathway-independent detection of biological processes), as well as those of the well established and accepted multi-label detection system. The microplate-based label-free system is uniquely suited for comprehensive biological studies in cell-based and cell-free biochemical studies. The instrument measures appropriate compound pharmacologies and signaling pathways across different target classes and ligands relative to existing Epic label-free data and established secondary messenger data. Furthermore, studies using the biochemical protocols demonstrate comparable protein-protein and protein-ligand values relative to the literature for several enzyme and protein families.The current presentation will discuss label-free results on several popular target classes in both cell-based and biochemical formats that were generated on the fully integrated system. Particular emphasis will be on the study of G-protein coupled receptor and comparison of the results from label-free detection system with conventional multiple labeled detection methodologies.

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