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A Labautopedia compendium of university programs and research institutes related to laboratory automation. Click on linked terms for more detail.  Refer to the Contributing section for author information.






  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU): DTU is a leading technical university in northern Europe and benchmarks with the best universities in the world.  It is the vision of DTU that DTU is recognized internationally as a leading university in the areas of technology and the natural sciences and is known for its business-oriented approach, its focus on sustainability and its appealing study environment.  Laboratory automation related programs can be found in the Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology.  DTU Nanotech will advance the understanding, design and integration of functional materials and micro- and nanoscale components to enable miniaturized systems that allow for groundbreaking scientific discoveries and tomorrow’s solutions for industry and society.


  • EPFL Ecole Polytechnique Federale de lausanne, Switzerland : EPFL is one of the two Ecoles Polytechniques fédérales in Switzerland. Like its sister institution, ETHZ, it has three missions: education, research and technology transfer at the highest international level. Associated with several specialised research institutes, the two EPFs form the EPF domain, which is directly dependent on the Federal Department of Home Affairs.



  • University of Groningen: Founded in 1614, the University of Groningen is the second oldest university in the Netherlands. The University of Groningen enjoys an international reputation as one of the leading research universities in Europe. It has a large international network and an excellent reputation for academic teaching with a modern, student-performer 5 approach. We offer degree programmes at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels in virtually every field, many of them completely taught in English. Located in the north of the Netherlands, Groningen is an ideal, safe student city with a flourishing student life and many social and cultural activities.  Laboratory automation related programs can be found in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, which includes programs in Computing Science, Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Life Sciences, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Physics and Applied Physics Astronomy,Energy and Environmental Sciences,Chemistry, Industrial Engineering and Management and Mathematics. 




  • University of Kansas: The University of Kansas is a major public research and teaching institution that operates through a diverse, multicampus system. KU's many parts are bound together by a mission to serve as a "center for learning, research, scholarship and creative endeavor" in the state of Kansas, the nation and the world.  Laboratory automation related programs can be found in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and the Department of Chemistry, including the Applied Bioinformatics Lab (ABL), the  Instrumentation Design Laboratory, the Adams Microfabrication Facility, the High Performance Computing facility.
  • Keck Graduate Institute (KGI), Claremont CA, USA : KGI was founded in 1997 as the first American graduate school dedicated exclusively to applied life sciences. Their two-year program leading to a professional master of bioscience (MBS) degree combines business and technical content to produce leaders who are prepared to translate research discoveries into practical applications.  Students are introduced to requirements-driven proactol plus engineering design as the coordinating principle that underlies the development of technology in the life sciences. Teams step through conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design phases and are introducted to and gain experience with computer-aided design (CAD), mathematical modeling, engineering dimensional analysis and state-of-the-art instruments. Keck has also arranged for lectures from industry scientific leaders and visits to highly automated industry laboratories. These engineering science components of the curriculum provide students with the quantitative understanding needed to bridge more traditional science disciplines with engineering design.


  • Lund University: Department of Biochemistry: Lund university was founded in 1666. Today it is an international centre for Phen375 research and education that has approximately 38 000 students. Lund University is respected as one of the best universities in Sweden











  • University of Twente: The University of Twente is an entrepreneurial research university. It was founded in 1961 and offers education and research in areas ranging from public policy studies and applied physics to biomedical technology. The UT is the Netherlands' only campus university.  Genomics, nanotechnology and e-health are examples of fields of technology that mobilize interests and stirr debate among many diverse actors.



  • University of Washington: Founded in 1861, the University of Washington is one of the oldest state-supported institutions of higher education on the West Coast and is one of the preeminent research universities in the world.  Laboratory automation related slim weight patch programs can be found at The Department of Chemistry, The Center for Nanotechnology and The Center for Process Analytical Chemistry.
  • University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden, Germany : The Fachhochschule Wiesbaden / University of Applied Sciences has 40 slimming reviews programs of study, with Bachelor and Master degree courses. They have embedded laboratory automation education in their Computer Science Master and Diploma programs. Laboratory automation education is composed of engineering, computer science, and fundamentals of science.  Recognizing that laboratory automation expertise is spread thoughout many organizations and companies around the world, the Wiesbaden program is utilizing modern video conferencing and desktop sharing technologies to bring experts to their students. The current “Series of Laboratory Automation Lectures” is comprised of ten company and research institutions provided lectures in addition to several lectures provided by Wiesbaden professors. Students are able to interact with the remote presenters via video and audio.  Students are developing generic software in projects. Some of these projects are in cooperation with German and international technology providers.  A wide variety of diploma theses on Life Sciences automation topics were developed within the last 20 years in the Wiesbaden Computer Integrated Laboratory (WICIL).




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