Life Science Employment Report 2012

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Unemployment is a topic of major interest and concern in many parts of the world. It has a large impact on the economy and political decisions. Individual countries are no longer isolated as the world economies become more closely linked. I recently received a report on life science job postings in the U.S. and thought this might be of interest in light of today’s worldwide difficulties. The consolidation and job losses in the pharmaceutical industry are all too familiar. The report was generated from data from the U.S. only. If any reader has information from other parts of the world please share this with us.

The report is straightforward and clearly presented. It covers three areas: 1) research, testing and medical labs; 2) pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing and 3) medical devices and equipment. The disciplines within each of these categories are detailed in the report.

While the last two quarters of 2012 covered in this report show a marked improvement in job postings, the variability over the last 3 years makes it difficult to predict future trends. Hopefully an improving world economy will lead to strong growth in life sciences employment.

I would like to thank Don Alexander, VP Life Sciences Development & Commercialization at Carlyle & Conlan for permission to share this report with our readers at LabAutopedia. He can be reached by phone or e-mail at +1 (919) 424-1593,

Link to Life Science Employment Report