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This Privacy Policy is effective December 9, 2008, and outlines the types of information collected by LabAutopedia as well as the steps taken to keep your information private. This Privacy Policy was created to help you make an educated decision when choosing to use or contribute to the LabAutopedia Web site and share information with the laboratory automation community.

All information collected and content included within LabAutopedia is subject to:

If you are simply reading through content within LabAutopedia, no more information is collected than is normal for server logs or general Web sites. This generally includes: domain name, cookies and “Internet Protocol” (IP) address. If you are contributing to LabAutopedia – via comments, authorship, editorship or otherwise – you are, in essence, publishing every word you type and submit. When entering information into LabAutopedia, assume that this information will be retained and remain viewable to all users forever.

What is covered?
This policy pertains to the use of, and services and covers how LabAutopedia and SLAS treat information that is collected and received during the general use of its sites by its users.

What is not covered?
This privacy policy applies only to web sites/pages that are owned and operated by SLAS and is not meant to exercise control over other Web sites linked to-or-from within LabAutopedia or the SLAS Web site. These other sites may place their own cookies or other files on your computer, collect data not listed within this LabAutopedia Privacy Policy or SLAS’s Privacy Policy, or solicit information from you.

SLAS may allow other companies within the field of laboratory automation to post advertisements on the LabAutopedia home page. These third-party advertisers use technology to send, directly to your browser, the advertisements and links that appear on the LabAutopedia home page. These advertisers automatically receive your IP address when this happens. These advertisers may also use other technologies such as cookies, JavaScript or web beacons to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and to personalize the advertising content to a certain audience.

The information LabAutopedia collects:

  • Users/Readers: You do not need to register for a LabAutopedia account in order to visit and read articles within LabAutopedia. For these non-registration-required services LabAutopedia collects the following information: Cookies, Log information, E-mail messages, Comments, IP address.
  • Editors/Contributors: In order to contribute to LabAutopedia, you must register for an account and create a login (separate from the SLAS Web site). In addition to the non-personal information listed above, LabAutopedia collects the following types of personal information from those contributing to LabAutopedia: Information you provide (name, email, etc.), Profile information, IP Address, Contributions, Email, Links, Contacts.

Public areas within LabAutopedia:
Contained within LabAutopedia are several public areas; including discussion pages and article comment sections where you may post content without creating a login and interact with other LabAutopedia users and contributors. Any information shared (including personal contact information) within these public areas is open to the public and is not to be considered private or secure. Information posted in such public areas cannot be removed or changed. Please think carefully before disclosing any personal information and keep in mind that what you post may be seen, disclosed or collected by third parties and may be used in ways not associated with ALA or LabAutopedia that we are unable to predict or control.

When LabAutopedia may share your information:
Read: SLAS Privacy Notice.

LabAutopedia Administrators and SLAS Web site maintenance and development contractors will from time to time have limited access to your information during the course of development and maintenance of LabAutopedia. Access to this information by these parties is limited to the information that is reasonably necessary for the party to perform its designated operational functions for or within LabAutopedia. We require that these parties not use or disclose this information for any purpose other than providing SLAS and LabAutopedia with products, services or enhancements.

LabAutopedia may choose to share non-personal information (anonymous Web site use data such as cookies) with third-parties to assist them and SLAS in understanding LabAutopedia and the use of this network. This information can be used to measure the success of advertisements and the importance of certain content.

Your choices:
When you register to participate in LabAutopedia, the system will automatically request your personal information. You may decline to submit information, in which case you will be prevented from contributing to LabAutopedia as an editor or author. LabAutopedia will not collect or use personal information for reasons other than those described in this policy, unless LabAutopedia and SLAS obtain your prior consent. If LabAutopedia and SLAS want to use your information for purposes other than those described in this policy, LabAutopedia will provide you an effective way to opt-out.