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Broken - Fixes Needed

  • Multiple upload file option has disappeared from left sidebar
  • <Math></Math> function still not working. If not fixable, delete from editor toolbar.  (removed for now)
  • Font size for contents box is now larger than with standard Monobook skin.  Please make smaller font if possible. 
  • Article counter does not seem to be working. i.e. the result of

Try enabling {{PAGESINNS:ns}} function by setting $wgAllowSlowParserFunctions.

To Do

  • New search engine that can search specified outside domains, search specified LabAutopedia namespaces beyond the Main Namespace, and one that does a better job than the current engine at searching on word fragments
  • Determine the best way to incorporate poster content into LabAutopedia
  • Review any ways in which to enhance the LabAutopedia presence in a Google search. 
  • Set up test installation of LabAutopedia
  • Webcrawler to search for dead URL's (those no longer linking to valid sites) within LabAutopedia text. 
  • Fix view counting for Google Analytics and LabAutopedia. Count only views in the main namespace. We agreed not to do this and instead clear view counts on articles before the go live by moving them per Steve's recommended process.
    • Remove analytics javascript from the template that is included on all wiki pages and create a new template containing the analytics javascript that we can include in pages selectively
  • LabAutopedia favicon

Requested Enhancements

Enhancements to consider

  • Collapsible tables copy/past code from link
  • Forum integration (not in original specs)
  • Formatting page for printing (not in original specs)

Original Project Specs:

High Priority

1.1 Through-the-web (TTW) editing 600px-Green check.svg.png

Content authors should be able to edit their articles through tools on the website that directly update the online content. A WYSIWYG content editor is strongly preferred over a system that uses wiki markup like Wikipedia. The editor should also allow the embedding of images. The ability to embed video is useful, but not required.

1.2 Article access control 600px-Green check.svg.png

Editors should be able to control which users may view and/or edit any article. Some articles may be open to for all users to view while only a certain set of users may edit them. Other articles may be open for all users to edit. Finally, some articles may not be viewable at all to public users while editors work on them (i.e. articles not yet published).

1.3 User comments/discussion 600px-Green check.svg.png

All users should be able to post comments about articles. Preferably, the comments would be displayed along with the article (e.g. at the bottom of the page), but they could also be in a separate discussion forum that has threads for each article.

1.4 Full text search

All users should be able to search the contents of all articles. It is important that the search capability provide users with detailed filtering options. The search should include article type (editor-approved versus public submission), subject matter category, publication date, modification date, and keyword tags. It would useful for the search to offer Boolean logic among the keywords (e.g. X or Y and not Z). While not critical, it would be useful for attachments such as PDF and Word Document files to be included in search results.

1.5 Edit tracking 600px-Green check.svg.png

The system should track changes made by all users to all articles so that editors (and potential the public) can see who made what revisions to each article. A daily digest email to all editors listing all edits made that day would be useful as well.

1.6 Site traffic reports 600px-Green check.svg.png

The system should provide reports about site traffic and article views. Google Analytics is the preferred solution for this item.

1.7 Content tagging

Content authors and public users should be able to add tags to articles (short keywords or phrases describing the subject matter). These tags should be included in keyword searches. Users should also be able to choose a tag from a list and see all articles that have been marked with that tag. Finally, a “tag cloud” feature would be useful, but not absolutely required.

Medium Priority

2.1 Content scoring

The system should allow users to score articles (e.g. on a scale from one to ten) based on value, readability, and correctness.

2.2 Automatic article promotion

The system should prominently feature articles on the homepage that are the most popular based on number of views and/or user-provided scores. The system should also automatically promote articles that are the most recently added or modified. The process of adding these featured articles links to the home page could be manual as well, but an automatic process is preferred.

2.3 Topic hierarchy 600px-Green check.svg.png

The system should maintain an organized hierarchy of topics. Content authors and/or editors should be able to place each article in at least one category. In some cases, the ability to place an article in multiple categories would be useful but not required. The system should also be able to automatically produce an index of articles based on the topic hierarchy.

2.4 Community links

The system should allow all users to submit links to other sites that would be useful to the community. All users can see and click on these links.

Low Priority

3.1 Integration with third-party bookmark sites

The system should allow users to easily bookmark articles in their social bookmark websites such as,, and