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General FAQs

Need help?
For content-related questions, contact the LabAutopedia administrators. For system related issues or technical difficulties, contact Amy McGorry at +1.630.256.7527, ext. 101; or email at

What is LabAutopedia?
LabAutopedia is an effort on behalf of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening to build, collect and organize information pertaining to and impacting laboratory science and technology – and to make this information freely available. LabAutopedia is a collective collaboration of all things relative to laboratory science and technology and will serve as a catalog and learning tool for those working within this science and across multiple industries. LabAutopedia is a wiki tool intended for anyone with an interest in laboratory science and technology and can be edited and contributed to by professionals from the user, vendor and academic/government communities within the field.

What is a wiki?
A wiki is an online collaboration tool via which multiple contributors can create and modify the contents of a web page. In the case of LabAutopedia, there are some pages that are editable by any registered user and some pages that are only editable by LabAutopedia Administrators. For a more detailed description of what a wiki is, please visit the entry in Wikipedia.

Who owns LabAutopedia?
The content and articles hosted on LabAutopedia are released by their authors under the GNU Free Documentation License (or a free license), so the articles are free content and may be reproduced freely under the same license. Also please read: disclaimer, privacy policy. If you wish to publish previously copyrighted material to which you own the copyright, please include the following information in the article:

"Copyright (C) YEAR YOUR NAME.

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License".

I want to contribute, but forgot my login and/or password. What should I do?
If you know your LabAutopedia username but forgot your password, visit the Log in page, enter your username and click the ‘Email Password’ button.  You will receive an email reminder of your password. If you don't remember your username, look at the LabAutopedia user list to see if you can find your username. If so, visit the log in page to get a password email reminder as above. If you still cannot log in, please contact us for help.

Is advertising or commercial content allowed in LabAutopedia?
Advertising is not allowed in LabAutopedia articles. SLAS reserves the right to remove any materials that it considers to be advertising or objectionable. Articles about companies and products are allowed if written in a factual, objective and unbiased style. Article information should also be third-party verifiable. Reference to or external links to commercial products or organizations within articles is acceptable only if:

  • Such references are unbiased, objective and occur only occasionally within the context of a full informational article. As a "rule of thumb" an article is considerred acceptable only if the article is still viable if commercial references are removed.
  • They offer relevant information or identify major organizations associated with a topic.
  • They do not distract from the overall content of the article.

Stand-alone links to on-line commercial reference libraries, forums and other information sources should be placed in the LabAutopedia List of Information Sites.

Small flashing banners will be allowed for purchase on the LabAutopedia sidebar. To purchase banner advertising, contact Amy McGorry at

The above policy extends to LabTube, which is designated space within LabAutopedia for video files related to applications and technologies.

Content FAQs

If anyone can edit content, how do I know it is accurate?
The core content of LabAutopedia at launch is up-to-date, accurate and provided by reputable sources. Once content opens for editing, new pages are added and existing pages are updated, it is possible and likely that errors or misinformation will be included within LabAutopedia. This is the nature of a collaborative wiki.

SLAS does not certify the content of LabAutopedia. Read disclaimer. This is a wiki for use by those working in the field of laboratory automation developed by those working in the field of laboratory automation and the supporting community.

To ease concerns of inaccuracy, Editors will be occasionally reviewing the articles and monitoring changes ensuring that incorrect information will be found and corrected quickly and the overall accuracy of LabAutopedia can be considered high.  The editors have also solicited "invited articles" from known experts in the field (see Invited Article below).

If I see something that is inaccurate, what should I do?
SLAS needs your help to stay on top of updating and correcting entries that appear to be inaccurate. If you see information that you think is wrong, it is within your power to correct it. You may use the comments section  to question any entries you may find inaccurate or create an account and edit the content yourself. Or, you may email the LabAutopedia Administrators to request that a particular page be reviewed and possibly updated. If you are interested in becoming a Gatekeeper, contact

What exactly is a Gatekeeper and who can be one?
Gatekeepers are reviewers assigned to monitor the content posted by the public on LabAutopedia. Gatekeepers DO NOT perform editorial reviews. Gatekeepers are responsible for monitoring article comments and removing those that are inappropriate. Current SLAS members are eligible to sign-up as Gatekeepers. Please contact if you are interested in becoming a Gatekeeper.

Can I contribute or edit content without becoming a Gatekeeper?
Yes, simply register for an account with LabAutopedia. Editors and authors (both invited and publicly submitted) are responsible for guiding the development of content, including creating articles, inviting article creation, monitoring content quality, and developing/maintaining an organizational structure within LabAutopedia.

Can I post, change or update information anonymously?
Sorry, no. To help SLAS minimize inaccuracies and abuse of LabAutopedia individuals who want to edit existing or author new articles must first register for a LabAutopedia account. However, anyone, whether registered or not, may use the comments section of each page to make comments about what they have just read. In those cases only the IP Address of the user will be stored. To register for a LabAutopedia account and begin contributing, visit the ‘Register’ page.

What is an Invited Article?
Invited articles are editorial pieces by authors selected and approved by the LabAutopedia Editors. Articles submitted by invited authors will be locked for general editing. However, anyone can post a comment to the comments section of any article.  Non-invited articles are open for general editing unless, for some reason, they have been locked by the LabAutopedia Administrators.

How can I author an Invited Article?
Authors may create an article in the main, non-invited, space of LabAutopedia or in their user namespace and then submit a request to the LabAutopedia Editors to consider moving the article into the invited article namespace, where they cannot be edited by the public. Invited articles are not open for community contribution or editing, and each article must be approved by the LabAutopedia Editors as providing a sufficiently complete treatment of a topic to stand on its own without further community contribution. See Help creating a page. To request your article be moved to invited namespace, use the Contact Us page.

Is there a desired format for content?
Yes. The preferred format for content within LabAutopedia can be found in the Style Guide.

Can access to LabAutopedia be denied?
Yes. Read disclaimer and privacy policy. SLAS reserves the right to determine inappropriate use in the broadest sense on a case-by-case basis and act accordingly in the best interest of SLAS and LabAutopedia. Inappropriate use is define as, but not limited to:

  • Any use of LabAutopedia that is not directly related to the scope of SLAS and any content or contributor which may be deemed questionable, illegal or bogus.
  • Use of profanity, or unnecessary badgering or harassing
  • Use of content that may be construed as libelous
  • Maliciously editing of content
  • Manipulation of content for personal or corporate gain
  • Content deemed illegal

The final determination of what is inappropriate lies with SLAS.

Are there any legal ramifications for participating in LabAutopedia?
Please read our disclaimer and privacy policy.

I don’t see what I’m looking for, how can I contact LabAutopedia?
For questions related to functions within LabAutopedia and general wiki functions, please visit our 'Help' page. For questions not answered here or other places within LabAutopedia, please contact the LabAutopedia Administrators.