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This page is an introduction for visitors of LabAutopedia.

LabAutopedia™ is a web-based, free content effort on behalf of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) , to build, collect and organize information pertaining to and impacting laboratory science and technology – and to make this information freely available. LabAutopedia is a collective collaboration of all things relative to laboratory science and technology and will serve as a catalog and learning tool for those working within this science and across multiple industries. LabAutopedia is a wiki tool intended for anyone with an interest in laboratory science and technology and can be edited and contributed to by professionals from the user, vendor and academic/government communities within the field.

LabAutopedia offers definitions and terminology, standards, white papers, organizational listings, and other information that is never-out-of-date and continually evolving. LabAutopedia is being written and constantly growing collaboratively by numerous authorities of various related fields, including academics, users/practitioners and vendors.

LabAutopedia is one more valuable source in an extensive series of media rich information resources being deployed by SLAS for the laboratory science and technology community, already inclusive of RSS feeds, news tickers, dynamic videos, podcasts, blogs, e-zine, e-news briefs, and of course, the award-winning Society Journals - SLAS Technology, formerly known as Journal of Laboratory Automation and SLAS Discovery, formerly known as Journal of Biomolecular Screening.

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