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Below are some basic rules for style within LabAutopedia, which follow the Wikipedia Manual of Style.  Please refer to this document for style details.  

Refer to Help:Editing a page for instructions on how to use the Wiki editor.   

Article titles, headings and sections


Titles and heading in the wiki world generally begin with a capital letter.  Standard wiki style is to keep the remaining characters in the title and headings lower case, except where implied by normal capitalization rules or when the title includes subpages or sub categories.  Acceptable examples include: 

  • Article name University of California
  • Article name universities on the west coast 
  • Article name:Universities on the west coast
  • Article name/Universities on the west coast 

Note: the title of the wiki page is created when the URL for the page is created.  See Help:Creating_a_page


The use of headings helps to organize your article and aids navigation.  Generally it is discouraged to create a long article with no headings.  Typical wiki pages are only about 2-3 screen lengths.  If more content is required, it is best to organize a main article with links to secondary pages

  • Heading 1 format is automatically used for the main title of a page/article.  Heading 1 format should not be used in any other case.
  • Heading 2 format is used for the heading of all major categories on a page.
  • Heading 3 format is used for the heading of minor categories under a Heading 2 section.
  • Heading 4 format produces the same font size as Heading 3.  Please skip using Heading 4.
  • Heading 5
  • Heading 6
  • Normal text is used for all body text.

The use of three or more headings on a page will automatically generate a table of contents at the top of the page, listing all the headings on the page. 

Body text, links and images

  • Avoid excessive use of bold words, as it can confuse the visually confuse the heading organizational style. 
  • A key advantage of wikis vs. hard copy is the ability to link to other web sources of information.  Use links whenever appropriate to refer to articles elsewhere in LabAutopedia or information elsewhere on the web.  Please see the Help section on Links.
  • The use of footnoted citations is encouraged. Please see the Help section on References.
  • Do not paste copyrighted material into your LabAutopedia page w/o appropriate permissions.

Article length

Wiki articles generaly tend to be moderate in length, both for readability as well as speed of downloading.  Mediawiki will generate a warning when an article exceeds 32kb.  This doesn't mean the wiki is about to blow up, but merely serves as a warning that the article is getting lengthy.  When an article exceeds 60Kb, it should probably be split into subarticles, with a main, introductory or summary article leading to links for sub articles.  The subarticles should also have return links to the main article.  Tools for viewing article size can be found via the Special Pages menu (left sidebar, bottom).