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The following is an example of how to create a table of contents page, containing multiple contents items that link to other articles:

Begin by creating a new page for your table of contents.  Refer to the help article on Help:Creating a page for more detail. 

In the edit mode, create your list of TOC items by typing them, like this:

Item 1

Item 2

Item 3

Then, if you wish you can make them bullets or numberd items. (See Insert/remove bulleted list)

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Now, you want to link these items to individual articles. 

  1. Highlight your first item name, in this case Item 1.  Click on the Insert/Edit Link icon. Image:Link_icon2.jpg The Link dialog box will open. 
    • If the article/page you wish to link to already exists, type all or a portion of the name (not URL) of your new page into the Link field, and the LabAutopedia site will be searched for your page. Matches will appear in the Automatic Search box below. Click on your page as found by the search, and click OK. That should insert the link into your highlighted text. 
    • If the article/page you wish to link to does not exist, type the name you wish to give to the new article/page into the Link field and click ok. This will cause the creation of a blank page when that link is clicked later.  Remember, this name will be the main title at the top of the new page, so use the correct style, i.e. begin with an upper case letter, lower case thereafter. 
  2. Repeat for the rest of the items in your TOC.  The items should now appear highlighted like this:
    • Item 1
    • Item 2
    • Item 3
  3. Exist the editor by clicking on the Save button.

When viewing the TOC page normally, outside of the editor, the linked contents items which are linked to a blank page will appear red. This indicates a link to a blank, never opened page.  Click on that item and the blank page will open in the edit mode and you can begin creating content.  If you add no content, the link to that page/article will turn brown, which indicates a link to a blank, but previously opened page. If you add content to the blank page, the link will turn purple, which indicates a link to a content-containing article/page within LabAutopedia.

Should you want to later add more TOC items, just enter the edit mode for your TOC page and enter new items as described at the beginning of this example. 

REMEMBER, you must be able to find your way back to your TOC page later when you wish to do more editing!  So either:

  • Remember the URL (recommended only for those under 30)
  • Write down or record the URL
  • Save the URL to the Favorites list of your browser