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This is a guide for those inserting conference posters into LabAutopedia. 


Creating your poster image

Assuming your poster began life as a Powerpoint file, you need to create a JPEG image of that slide.  From the FILE menu of PowerPoint, choose SAVE AS.   In the Save As dialog box, find the Save as Type window at the bottom of  the dialog box.  Scroll down through the file type choices and find JPEG FIle Interchange Format (*.jpg).  Highlight that choice.  Create a file name using your poster number plus the word "poster" plus "SLAS2012" - i.e. MP001posterSLAS2012.  (Do not use blank spaces!).  Choose a location for the file to be saved on your computer and click the SAVE button.  If you have more than one slide, choose the option to only export the Current Slide. 

Please view your JPG poster file to assure that it's readable!  Some fonts and graphics don't export well. Sometimes the resolution of your file is too low.  The easy way to increase the resolution of your saved image is simply to increase the size of the PowerPoint page.  Go to FIle/PageSetup and increase the dimensions of your slide.  It won't look much different in PowerPoint, but the JPG image will be different.   CAUTION: JPG File sizes of 2Mb or greater may not upload properly!   

Create a LabAutopedia account

You must be logged into your account to create or edit a page.  To create an account, or log in click here, or use the Login/Create Account link in the left sidebar.   

Create your poster page  

To follow these instructions while you create your poster page, open a 2nd instance of LabAutopedia in a second browser window.  Keep this window open to read the instructions and do your page creation in the new window.  If not already logged into LabAutopedia, please do so (left sidebar, under Personal Tools).   

The easiest way to create your new poster page is to edit the pagename part of the URL for an existing page.  For instance, the URL for this page is: Highlight the portion of the URL (in the browser address bar) to the right of the final backslash, Change (overwrite) that text to be your poster number:lastname:poster title.  For instance, /MP001:Einstein:MicrofluidicsAssayThis will become the title for your new page, so type carefully (or better yet copy and paste)

Now press Enter, and your newly named (blank) page will appear.

Your newly named, blank page will display the text “There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page”.   Click on the blue text - “edit this page”.  This will open the document editor.  Add the following information to your page by typing or pasting:

Author(s) name and affiliation

Poster Abstract 

To do this click your mouse inside the edit window (below the tool bar) and a flashing cursor will appear in the upper left of the edit window.  Type your text or to paste use a Ctrl-V keystroke, or choose the Paste Icon (little clipboard) from the menu tool bar at the top.  When done editing, click the Save page button at the bottom of the page.    

Get your jpeg poster image onto the page

Select the 'Upload file' option from the left side bar of the page (under Toolbox).  A page will open allowing you to 'Browse' your computer to select the JPG image of your poster from your personal files.  After you have selected your image file, click the Upload File button at the bottom of the page.   A successful upload will end with a small screen image of your poster and the words "File uploaded" to the right of the image (see below).  If your image did not successfully upload, it may be too large (>2mb). 

You should see this if your image file uploaded correctly

After uploading your image, copy the exact file name of your image to use later. (i.e. MP001posterSLAS2012).   Now, return to the page you created to insert the image.

To insert your image, choose the Edit tab from the tabs at the top of the wiki page.  In the editor window, place the cursor at the end the last line of text and press Enter.  Click the <S> icon in the editing tool bar (at the top of the editing window) and choose Zoom from the dropdown menu.
Zoom parameter.png
Then paste (or type) the image file name you copied earlier (i.e. MP001posterSLAS2012.jpg) into the "special tag parameters" field.  Then, click OK.   

NOTE: The filename cannot contain blank spaces.

Add your article to the correct Poster Category

Articles in a wiki are assigned "categories" to help with organization.  While in the Edit mode, place your cursor at the end of the article. Then click on the {T} icon in the editing tool bar, click the Manual tab in the dialog box that opens, and then open the pull down menu <Pick up a template manual here>.

Scroll down to find and select the item Template:Category_Tag:SLAS2012_Posters:Monday if your poster is scheduled for Monday.  Choose Template:Category_Tag:SLAS2012_Posters:Tuesday if your poster is scheduled for Tuesday.
Then click OK and Save page (at the bottom of the screen).  If you do not save the page, all your work will be lost! 

Further Editing

You can return to your poster page for further editing anytime you want.  You must be logged on to edit.  You must know OR have bookmarked your page URL, OR find it using the search engine, OR find it in using the Contents page. 

Final Product

When you're done, your poster page should look somewhat like the image below:

LabAutopedia poster page image.png