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There are multiple ways to create a new page/article.  Below are some examples.

You must be logged into your account to create a page.  To create an account, or log in click here, or use the Login/Create Account link in the left sidebar.   


From an existing New Articles Wanted entry

We may have already created a blank page in the Community Portal.  If so, sign in to your account (you must have an account to create or edit an article), click the article title and create!   

From scratch

To create a new, not pre-existing page, the easiest way is to edit the pagename part of a URL for an existing page.  For instance, the URL for this page is: Highlight the portion of the URL (in the browser address bar) to the right of the final backslash, Change (overwrite) that text to the name of your desired new page.  (Note:  The text you enter will become the main title of your new page.  Begin with an upper case letter, with all following characters lower case.)  Now simply press Enter, and your newly named page will appear.  You have created a "no article" page, meaning that there is no content on this page.  To start adding content, click on the Edit tab.  When done editing, click the Save button at the bottom of the page. 

For your convenience, we have created a page named Blank page.  Right click on this name, Blank page (right clicking keeps this instruction page open), and edit the URL as described above to create a new page.   

When creating a link

You can cause a new page to be created while editing a page by using the Link Tool in the editor.  Click the edit tab at the top of a page to enter the editor.  Click on the Insert/Edit Link icon. Image:Link_icon2.jpg The Link dialog box will open.  Type the title for the new article/page into the Link field and click ok. The text containing the link will now appear blue. When out of the editor mode, the text containing the link will appear red, indicating a link to a new, never opened page/article.  Click this link to open your new page.  NOTE: The title you enter into the link field will be the "official" title at the top of the new page, so give it some thought and use the correct style, i.e. begin with an upper case letter, lower case thereafter.  To learn more about the toolbar and editing process, see Help:Editing a page.

Returning to your new page

Should you come back later and want to continue editing your new page, how do you find it? 

  • Remember (only if under 30) or write down the entire URL when you create the page.  To return, type that into your browsers address field and press Enter. 
  • Save the URL to the favorites list of your browser.  
  • Clike on "Special pages" in the toolbox in the left sidebar.  Then click on "all pages" and you'll see an alphabetical list of all the pages within LabAutopedia.  Click on your page to get going again.
  • The wiki administrators will properly attach a "category" to your new page, thus automatically placing it into the Contents Page. 

Creating an article as a "work in progress"

Often an author prefers to create an article in stages, out of the public eye.  This can be accomplished by creating an article in your User Namespace, which is a collection of personal pages assigned to a registered user, not included in any contents listing.  To access your main User page, log in and then click on your User Name in the left sidebar under Preferences.  The URL of your main User page will end in /User:YourUsername.  To create a new article in this namespace, modify the URL by adding a colon followed by the name of your new article, such as /User:YourUsername:New Article.  Press enter the new page is created, available for editing and saving.  When ready to move a completed article from your User Namespace to the Main Namespace, use the Move feature found in the tabs in the upper right of the page.