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Authored by: GE Healthcare

Reprinted from the GE Healthcare website

Factory Acceptance Testing

When included as a contract agreement, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is performed on all custom-designed systems at our facilities in Sweden prior to delivery. Any changes the customer wishes to make can easily be accommodated in this activity.

Customers are free to perform their own tests or use test protocols developed by the Customized Bioprocess Solutions (CBS) organization. A FAT document and proposed functional tests are sent to the customer well in advance to enable test selection and planning for execution during the FAT. A project leader and testing engineer from GE Healthcare are always present during testing. After inspection and testing of the equipment and control of the documentation customer approval is required before the system can be delivered.

The FAT activity typically includes verification/test of the following:

  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electrical assembly
  • Review of documentation
  • Verification and functional testing of instruments
  • Complete system test

The advantage of performing a FAT at the GE Healthcare production facility is that all engineers involved in the project are available if any modifications need to be made. Upgrades and other changes are easily carried out.

Factory Acceptance testing benefits:

  • Save time when installing the system onsite
  • Eliminate errors
  • Get full support from the CBS project organization at time of testing
  • Improve system performance accuracy
  • Custom-made systems can be adapted to PLC solutions faster and easier in the GE Healthcare factory than at customer sites due to availability of CBS expertise
  • Meetings can be arranged with other GE Healthcare experts in Sweden on special request

Once a system has been installed at a customer site there is an additional Site Warrantee Test (SWT) to ensure proper functionality.

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