Endoscope Location System

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Poster Title

 Endoscope Localization System

Author(s) name and affiliation

Xuewei Peng, Tianyu Xie, Ye Hao, Peng Chen, BME of PKU

Poster Abstract

Technology of endoscope localization can provide important location information for diagnosing and curing disease with endoscope and so it has a significant value for clinical applications. Among many kinds of all methods for localization of endoscope, electromagnetic method is more likely to be adopted considering the accuracy of localization of endoscope and the complexity of the instrument. The general principle of electromagnetic method for localization is described. The whole localization system including emitter and receiver circuitries, signal acquiring and processing circuitries is developed. Based on the work above, a new receiver apparatus which can improve the sensitivity and accuracy of localization is designed, and a virtual colon imaging method is presented.