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At SLAS2014 in San Diego, Agilent Technologies hosted a wonderful evening event (SLAStronomy, as in gastronomy not astronomy) at the Hilton with music, games, food and drink. It was a great chance for connecting with old friends and making new ones at a casual and fun event. Many thanks to Agilent for sponsoring this evening.

The highlight of the evening was a cooking demonstration and tasting featuring Chef Carissa Giacalone (Hilton Executive Chef) and Chef Patrick Dahms. They put on a terrific show and the deserts were mouth watering. We got to vote on our favorite crepes that they made, but they were both so good I couldn't pick one over the other. Since designing and running an assay is similar to cooking, you might appreciate trying the recipes. After all, what's the difference between a protocol and a recipe? One of recipes is on an industrial scale so unless you have a big family you might want to scale it down a bit, unless you have 2 pounds of egg yolks! Thank you so much Carissa and Patrick for a unique experience and for sharing your recipes.

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