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Every year at the annual meeting SLAS makes a special accommodation for start up companies to exhibit their products on Innovation AveNEW. They may not have the finances to spend on a booth and this gives them a chance to interact with a wide range of potential customers and decision makers. This also gives them the chance to grow and at some time become regular exhibitors.

This update highlights two of the companies on Innovation AveNew at the SLAS 2015 meeting in February in Washington, DC.

Electrospinning has a 3D matrix in which to grow a variety of cells in a Mimetix scaffold. Here they explain the general concept and a detailed description of liver cell growth.

Telos Scientific provides an advanced AI driven platform called AutoPilot. This is explained in a general description and a poster co-authored by Pfizer using AutpPilot in a PK application using two assay technologies.

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