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Also referred to as Automated Liquid Handler (ALH), Liquid Handler or Liquid Handling Robot. An automated workstation specifically designed for transferring aliquots of liquids from one vessel to another. The computer control circuitry and software allows the user to customize the liquid handling procedures and transfer volumes. More complex liquid handling workstations can perform multiple LUO's such as sample transport, sample mixing, manipulation and incubation, as well as transporting vessels to/from other workstations or devices such as bar code readers, spectrophotometric devices, storage devices and incubators.

BFXpXTRANA big.jpg SciCloneALH.jpg GenesisScreen.JPG VPrep Final 72.jpg Q3Si001.jpg
Automated Liquid Handling Workstations
Bnx open20frame20design20Big.jpg Compound Replication System a.jpg CyBi Genomics Workstation.jpg GenesisFreedom.jpg Janus 8tip Integrator sm.jpg
Automated Liquid Handling Workstations interfaced to other devices - creating a small Workcell

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